Defending Israeli Soldiers in the ICC

“For if you persist in keeping silent at a time like this . . . .”

Esther 4:14


The Palestinians are planning a game changer. They are moving forward on their threat to join the International Criminal Court (ICC) and file war crimes allegations against Israeli leaders and IDF officers in the Hague.

They are convinced they have a better chance to pressure Israel and achieve their extremist demands in the ICC where the biased European judges can pass judgment on the Jewish State and impose criminal liability, than they can through direct negotiations.

The Palestinians allege that the IDF used a disproportionate use of force during the summer’s war against the Hamas terrorists and that building communities beyond the ’67 borders constitute an illegal “population transfer” in violation of  the Geneva Convention.

ICC membership for the Palestinians will be a devastating game changer. It will endanger thousands of IDF officers and troops and Israel cannot simply ignore it nor rely on the Obama Administration to assist in fending it off.

But ICC membership and the Court’s jurisdiction are a two way street!

Shurat HaDin’s legal staff  is organizing a tsunami of its own war crimes complaints against Palestinian leaders including the senior ranks of Hamas and the PLO, as well as against Mahmoud Abbas himself.

But we need your help to go forward.

For decades, Israeli soldiers and officers have risked and given their lives to defend the Jewish homeland. Now, you have the opportunity – and the privilege and duty – of defending these soldiers.

Will you join with Shurat HaDin in preparing to defend Israel and the IDF against war crimes allegations in the Hague?

Yes! I want to join the fight and can contribute.

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