Israel High Court Petitions

The Supreme Court of Israel

The Supreme Court is the highest court in Israel. It functions primarily in two capacities: as the country’s highest court of appeals, and as the High Court of Justice.

As the High Court of Justice, the Supreme Court has broad discretion to rule on matters of first instance, where the law is not conclusive, and on matters which are not within the jurisdiction of another court or tribunal.

It also has jurisdiction over administrative authorities performing public functions, such as the legislature and local authorities.

Through its jurisdiction as a High Court of Justice, the Supreme Court ideally upholds the rule of law and strengthens human rights. The High Court hears over a thousand petitions each year. Often these are high-profile cases challenging acts of top government officials. 

Shurat HaDin frequently files high court petitions regarding the acts of government officials to ensure the protection of Israel and human rights.  

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