Abbas Played the State Department for Suckers


One month after the US State Department took action against American terror victims in an effort to shield the Palestinians and preserve the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has returned the favor by publicly betraying the US in the UN.

In February, the families of the terror victims won a historic judgment against  the Palestinian Authority and the PLO after a New York federal jury found the Palestinians liable for deadly terrorist attacks carried out in Israel during the intifada. Sokolow v. PLO was the first full jury trial in the US brought under the Anti-Terrorism Act. The jury awarded the families $655 million against the Palestinians. Normally, after a trial, the losing side has the right to appeal but must provide a litigation bond to ensure that the funds will be available in the event they lose. The Palestinians announced, however, that they were too broke to provide a bond. The families then asked the court to order the defendants to pay significant monthly installments so that by the time the appeal was decided a large portion of the money for the judgment would already be in the court’s account.  The Palestinians ran to the State Department and pleaded for Secretary John Kerry to save them from the consequences of having been found liable for these terrorist attacks that killed and maimed American citizens.

In order to save the Palestinians from having to put up the bond, on August 10, 2015, the State Department submitted a “Statement of  Interest” in the Sokolow case. In their submission to the federal court the State Department insisted that the survival of the Palestinian Authority was crucial to America’s national security.  They asked the court not to force the Palestinian Authority and the PLO to put up a large bond that mighteconomically harm these convicted terrorist organizations.

Unfortunately, the court accepted the State Department’s arguments and ordered the PA and PLO to put up a mere $10 million now and an additional $1 million each month.  The result will be that only a few tens of millions of dollars will be in the court account when the Palestinians inevitably lose their appeal.

One might imagine that after the State Department decided to stand with the Palestinian suicide bombers and throw the American families under the bus, the Palestinians might have shown some gratitude to the US.  Instead, yesterday Abbas announced at the UN that he is no longer abiding by the Oslo Accords and is dismantling the Palestinian Authority and replacing it with the “independent State of Palestine.”  The Palestinian Authority, which the State Department declared was so crucial to US national security no longer exists and Abbas apparently does not care what the Americans think about it.  Abbas no longer wants the US mediating any negotiations with Israel, but instead is determined to have the EU and the UN pressure Israel into giving them a state without negotiations.

The Palestinians have played the State Department for suckers.

The State Department now needs to immediately correct the severe harm it has caused the terror victims. The Statement of Interest it submitted to the court needs to be formally withdrawn and the State Department needs to let the judge know that the Palestinian Authority no longer exists.

In addition, the US needs to stop funding the Palestinian regime in Ramallah regardless of what it calls itself, and order the PLO bunker in Washington to be permanently closed.