Date - TBD

Activist Lawyer’s Training Seminar

Activist Lawyer’s Training Seminar

Date - TBD
  • Enjoy lectures and workshops taught by leading activists, renowned attorneys, Israeli officials and scholars
  • Learn to combat BDS and other anti­semitic movements
  • Learn to defend Israel and its soldiers against war crimes allegations
  • Field trips to IDF Bases, the Syrian border and military courts
  • Network with pro­Israel activists from around the world
 Opening Banquet

 Opening Banquet

Caroline Glick, Author & Journalist:  “Israel as an Exception to International Law”


Day 2 - Tel Aviv

Rusty Rosenthal, FBI Asst. Legal Attachè in Israel:

FBI & Israeli Security Agency Cooperation in Law Enforcement

Yoram Ettinger, Former Ambassador to the US:

The Middle East Misperceptions: Diplomacy, Demography & the Law

Daniel Reisner, Former Head of the IDF International Law Branch:

Using International Law to Fight BDS in Court & How to Counsel Clients on Responding to BDS

Roy Schondorf, Deputy Attorney General of Israel for International Law:

The Challenges Facing the State of Israel in the Arena of International Law

Neil Lazarus, Communications Consultant:

Advocacy & Social Media Training Workshop: How to Win an Argument & Influence People

Day 3 - Tel Aviv

*Major General (Res.) Dan Efrony, Former Military Advocate General of the IDF

Cyber Law & Armed Conflict

*Sam Solomon, Technology & Business Entrepreneur:

Understanding Juror Attitudes Towards Israel, Palestinians & Terror

Rachel Weiser & Devorah Sanchez, Shurat Hadin Sr. Attorneys:

ATA & FSIA v. Terrorism 101 with Sample Cases

IDF Military Court, Lecture by President Judge Menachem Lieberman:

Due Process in the Israeli Military Courts

Professor Alan M. Dershowitz: (via live video)

The Legal Status of Jerusalem

Day 4 - Jerusalem

Adv. Nitsana Darshan Leitner, President & Founder of Shurat HaDin: The Legal Battle Against Terrorism & War Crimes Accusations

Tour of the Israeli Supreme Court &

Lecture by Gavriel Bach, Former Supreme Court Justice: Prosecuting Eichmann

Eli Groner, Director-General of the Prime Minister’s Office

Shaul Gordon,  Senior Legal Advisor of the Israeli Police: Search & Seizure & the Israeli Police Approach to Terror

 Professor Eugene Kontorovich: Anti-BDS Legislation

Day 5 - Jerusalem

*Professor Avi Bell, Lt. Col. (Res) Maurice Hirsch, & Lt. Col. (Res) David Benjamin

Panel Discussion on Israel & the Law, War Crimes Hot Topics Under Fire

Devorah Sanchez, Shurat HaDin Sr. Attorney

Taking it Home, How to Practice What You’ve Learned

Nitsana Darshan Leitner

Closing Ceremony

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