Setting the Record Straight at UNICEF: Hamas’s Violent Gaza Riots

The international organization, UNICEF, recently turned its focus on violence inflicted upon Palestinian youth during demonstrations on Gaza’s border with Israel. In response, Shurat HaDin commissioned a thorough and detailed report demonstrating numerous categories of human rights abuses inflicted upon Palestinian women and children by Palestinian leaders and terrorist groups during these demonstrations. These included, enlisting children as combatants, using women and children as human shields, and intentionally placing civilians in harm’s way.

The report demonstrated that Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups bore primary responsibility
for the injuries and deaths to Palestinian children during these violent riots. These reports are a vital tool
in defending Israel and its soldiers from the false narrative that portrays a defensive army as the cruel aggressor.

Shurat HaDin has insisted that UNICEF should use its data in reporting on the impact of the conflict on Palestinian children.