Shurat HaDin Wins Precedent-Setting Ruling in Achille Lauro Terror Case

Shurat HaDin continues the fight against the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) on behalf of the estates of two Jewish-­American terror victims who were held hostage in the infamous Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking, in 1985.

In November 2018, Shurat HaDin received a prece­dent­- setting ruling from District Court Judge, Moshe Drori, who wrote: “The people of the Jewish nation are often harmed due to their Jewish descent, and therefore Israel must work to guarantee their safety. Since the state failed, in this case, and the plaintiffs were hurt from
a terror attack carried out by the respondents, the State of Israel is obligated to allow and assist the plaintiffs to receive the highest compensation possible, according to the Israeli judicial system.”

The case is ongoing. Shurat HaDin is hard at work praparing summaries required by the court before a final judgment. Shurat HaDin will not rest until these victims, and their families, receive justice. Nitsana Darshan­-Leitner stated: “The Achille Lauro affair was one of the most horrific terror attacks carried out in Israel’s history. Drori’s decision proves that, even after 34 years, the State of Israel is responsible for hunting down those who want to harm it, and will bring to justice those persecuting Jews worldwide.“ •