A Call to the Members of the Pillay Commission of Inquiry


The anti-Israel committee’s mandate and the identity of its members are nothing like before: Its mandate – based on a controversial resolution which no democratic country supported – stretches far from the latest armed conflict in Gaza, deep into the borders of Israel, looking back to the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, all with one clear mission: delegitimizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state by labeling it as an apartheid state.

If you feel, like we do, that the Pillay Committee is unfair, does adhere basic notions of impartiality and is only meant to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist, join us in this call to its members to resign by signing this petition to the Members of the UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry; demanding them to resign! 


Navi Pillay

Christopher Dominic Sidoti

Miloon Kothari

We call members of the United Nations commission of inquiry (COI) established pursuant to UNHRC resolution S-30/1 to resign immediately, and if they refuse to do so we also call for the President of the UN Human Rights Council to cancel their appointment.

Regardless of the bias nature of your mandate, due to which your integrity – if ever had one – should have prevented you from joining the commission in the first place, your lengthy documented record of anti-Israeli statements on issues relevant to the commission’s mandate and you past actions directly affect your impartiality as a member of this commission.

You are in violation of the Charter of the UN, its core principals, its internal rules and regulations, its ethical guidelines and any basic moral notion of fairness. You cannot promote human rights if you violate them yourself by investigating or judging others with a prejudice against them.


If you value the Charter of the UN – Resign!

If you value human rights – resign!

If you have any sense of decency – resign!

Sign the petition 

Call the members of the Pillay Commission of Inquiry to resign now!

Navi Pillay

President of the UN Human Rights Council 2008-2014 during which the UNHRC has reached countless anti-Israeli resolutions.

The living spirit behind the Durban antisemitic Conference.

In her words: “Apartheid is now being declared a crime against humanity in the Rome Statute, and it means the enforced segregation of people on racial lines, and that is what is happening in Israel”

On 14 June 2021, addressing the same Gaza conflict she was later appointed to “investigate”, Pillay signed a petition to the Biden administration according to which: “(the) United States must address the root causes of the violence … to help end the ever-expanding discrimination and systemic oppression and ensure accountability for Israeli authorities that violate Palestinian rights”

Christopher Dominic Sidoti

Member of the Advisory board to the “Australian Centre for International Justice” which acts against Israel, including “calling on the Australian Government to undertake an urgent review of all trade cooperation with Israel” and acting against Australia’s pro-Israeli submission to the ICC, according to which the ICC has no jurisdiction on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“(a) Close friend and ally” to a Palestinian “national institution” named the “Independent Commission for Human Rights” (ICHR), that called throwing stones at Israelis – which kill and maim – “acts of natural rights”.

Miloon Kothari

Kothari is an housing expert, with a long history of anti-Israeli statements. In his words:

We have a process where the successive agreements have led to a situation where Israel has been able to consolidate its occupation, demolishing more homes, creating enclaves in the West Bank, Gaza, creating a situation where the Palestinian Authority has no real power. Essentially we have a situation where the Palestinian people have suffered asphyxiation. The infighting between Palestinian factions is a direct result of that because of the sense of frustration that exists.”

Israel has a “. . . long record of depopulation and demographic manipulation by way of expulsion, destruction of homes and villages, and implantation of settlers prior to and since its establishment as a State”

“Violations by Israel of economic, social and cultural rights are very severe…condemns the Israeli violation in the territories and inside the green line. …stressed that the only solution is to put an end to the Israeli occupation and a full withdrawal of Israeli troops from the occupied Palestinian territories and the dismantlement of the settlements”.


There is nothing new with the UN Human Rights Council’s (UNHRC) obsession about Israel. But even in the UNHRC standards, the Pillay Committee takes this hostility to the extreme: set up as another “commission of Inquiry” (COI) – following the footsteps of the Goldstone Committee and dozens of other anti-Israeli resolutions – the Pillay committee was established after the May 2021 armed conflict in Gaza to investigate “Israel’s crimes”.

To ensure this desirable outcome, the UN has abandoned all its core principles, its internal rules, its regulations and its moral standards regarding impartiality requirements and appointed to the COI members with a long history of hostility towards Israel and “proven” actions and statements on the very same subject matters which are under the committee’s mandate. Most conspicuous is the COI head – Navy Pillay, who was the living spirit behind the infamous Durban conferences and has already blamed Israel to be an Apartheid state.



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