On the last night of Passover in 2002 in the hilltop town of Elon Moreh, the Gavish family was celebrating the end of the holiday when a terrorist infiltrated their home.

Armed with a gun, the terrorist started shooting before he entered the home; when he encountered the Gavish family inside, he began to shoot indiscriminately. He proceeded to shoot and kill four members across three generations of the Gavish Family. A few of the family members were able to escape by hiding and climbing out the window. The dead were identified as Rachel and David Gavish, as well as their son Avraham, who was 25. Rachel’s father, Yitzhak, died in the terrorist attack as well. David was airlifted by helicopter immediately after the shooting in critical condition; however, he did not make it past the operating table.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. Avraham’s widow Na’ama is taking care of their 2-year-old daughter, Daria, and the baby she was carrying.

The trial is ongoing.